Shipping From Bali to Australia

Shipping to all Australian Ports - Darwin, Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Hobart & delivery everywhere in-between!

Jetfast Is Australian Owned & Operated, Providing Bali Door to Door Services with No Hidden Costs!

Shipping from Bali to Australia with Jetfast Bali Cargo

At Jetfast Bali Cargo, we specialize in Shipping From Bali to Australia. As an Australian-owned company, our core business revolves around seamless cargo transportation between these two beautiful destinations. Whether you’re relocating, sending personal belongings, or managing commercial shipments, we’ve got you covered from Door to Door.

Why Choose Jetfast Bali Cargo?

Expertise in Australian Customs and Quarantine Regulations: We understand the intricacies of Australian import regulations. Rest assured that your shipment will be handled with precision, ensuring compliance with all necessary known documentation.

Comprehensive Shipping Documentation: Our team ensures that the correct shipping documentation is provided for Australian customs clearance. This includes the essential Certificate of Origin for duty-free clearances.

Supplier Pick-Up Management: We go the extra mile by managing supplier pick-up services on behalf of our clients. When required, we coordinate with suppliers to ensure timely collection of goods, streamlining the process for you.

Final Supplier Payments: Management of final supplier payments on your behalf. This convenience allows you to consolidate your transactions and simplifies the financial aspects of shipping.

Quality Packaging and Fumigation: When required, we crate shipments using certified ISPM+15 quarantine-approved timber. Additionally, we meticulously fumigate all shipments to meet Australian standards. Our fumigation process is carried out by Australian Quarantine-approved and regulated experts.

Time-Saving Convenience: By opting for our Door-to-Door service, clients eliminate the need to engage another forwarder at the destination. This means our customers can focus more on their business while we handle the entire shipping process seamlessly.

End-to-End Service: Jetfast Bali Cargo manages your shipment both in Bali and in Australia. Whether you need Door to Warehouse or Door to Door service, we’ve got the logistics covered.

Transparent Pricing: Our quotations come with NO HIDDEN COSTS. We include all known charges from Bali, including Australian port fees, customs clearance, and delivery. 

Shipping From Bali Furniture

Supplier Collections and Supplier Payments.

collection from Bali Suppliers or from your Hotel and Villa.
We can also assist with supplier deposits providing statements and collection reports.

Bali Cargo to Sydney

Shipping Services & Methods

We provide Multiple services to Australia depending on the urgency and volume of your shipment.
-LCL Sea freight
-FCL Sea freight
-Container Consolidations
-Vehicle & Motorbike Shipping
-Household Goods Relocations

Shipping Container From Bali to Sydney

Packing, Crating & Container Stuffing.

Full Packing, Crating and Container Stuffing services. Cargo is packed and protected for international shipping.

-Shipping Packing and Supply of Materials .
-ISPM15 Crating.
-Consolidation Packing.
-Container Stuffing.

bali statues

Shipping Documents, Fumigation, Customs & Payment.

We will arrange all documentation required for Australian Customs and Quarantine Clearance.

Fumigation for Australian Regulations by Approved providers.
Insurance can be arranged in Bali or Australia.
Payment can be in USD or AUD Dollars.

Shipping From Bali to Auckland


With Direct Access to your shipping Coordinator on your preferred platform, you will have the ability to talk with one person throughout your shipment for updates door to door.

Australian Delivery.

Jetfast provides multiple delivery options from direct container delivery, Courier, Professional Movers or Tailgate Delivery to Garage.

We can deliver to All locations throughout Australia.

Happy Clients that have experienced our personalized Shipping Services

“Jetfast provided fantastic door to door service for us in the post Covid fallout. We had to relocate internationally very quickly and until we found Jetfast the experience of packing and transporting our things was beyond stressful. They swooped in and handled everything, taking all the stress out of the experience. We were informed on progress every step of the way and there were no hidden costs or surprises. Couldn’t recommend them any higher!”
The Tsudons
Relocation Bali to Melbourne
"From the time of packing in Bali to the carrier arriving in Noosa a smooth and worry free operation. Zero damage!! Can only say thank you to Russell and the team."
Tony Lee
Bali to Brisbane Australia
“First time importer from Bali, I chose Jetfast Bali Cargo and i could not have picked a better company to go with, Russell made the delivery so easy, i did not have to think about one thing, he emailed me progress reports throughout the journey, i was so lucky to have picked Jetfast, it was door to door so easy for me. thanks again Russell and your entire group for the smoothest delivery of my product.”
Shipping From Bali
Bali to Melbourne

Freight Services


Shipping your small or urgent cargo via air Door to Door Worldwide

Bali Airfreight, Whether small, urgent or more cost-effective than sea freight, offers a full and comprehensive range of airfreight services in Bali and throughout Indonesia.


Shipping your freight via Loose cargo LCL or FCL Containerized Door to Door Worldwide

Bali Sea freight - Import or Export, FCL Containers) or LCL (loose cargo consolidations).

Jetfast Bali Cargo offers a complete range of sea freight Shipping services from Bali Shipping from Benoa, Surabaya and Jakarta Ports.

Daily, Weekly & Fortnightly services

We ship Freight weekly to over 135+ selective countries Door to Door worldwide!

Our global network allows us to ship your freight from Bali and throughout Indonesia Door to Door.

Therefore we can provide a service that suits your needs, timeline or budget!


•One Point of Contact.
•Assistance with Bali Supplier's
•Supplier Deposits and payments (if required)
•Supplier Collections throughout Bali and Indonesia.
•Packing and Crating.
•Airfreight and Seafreight schedules.
•Export and Import Documents.
•Export and Import Custom Formalities.
•Paying out port charges and terminal handling.
•Staff are trained in Quarantine Awareness.
•Delivery to Consignee’s Door to Selected locations Worldwide.
•Smiles all round!

When Possible ALWAYS Ship Door to Door!

JETFAST quotes include ALL known Charges from Door to Door or Door to Depot with NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

Shipping From Bali to Australia

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