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Moving To Bali

Looking to relocate into Bali, Why not? Bali is a beautiful island with beautiful people, rich with culture, great shopping, wonderful food, and beautiful views.

Importing into Bali is highly complex and there are ever-changing rules and conditions for entry. If importation is done incorrectly items can be held by customs or rejected.

Relocating people and families is apart of our core business and we handle frequently to and from the island. Jetfast Bali Cargo is the go-to the logistics company for a hassle-free import.

As we are Australian owned and operated we specialize in moving Australians & New Zealanders into and from Bali Door to Door. However, we can import your household goods or personal effects into Bali from all over the world.

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Conditions for Entry

There are options! If you are looking to import your personal effects into Indonesia there are a variety of methods and conditions, so it is always best to talk to us first before shipping.

Generally, for foreigners, they are only able to import their household effects into Indonesia if they are able to provide the following and KITAS are a MUST.

  • Foreigners: 
     Original Passport and Signed POA 
     Copy of staying /resident permit (e-KITAS) is a mandatory and client is obligated to have eKITAS in order to bring any personal goods into Indonesia 
     Copy of working permit (IMTA) for employee or NIB/company licenses (PMA) for Business Owner 
     Company statement letter where client work for or own it at Destination 
     Latest travel docs of airline ticket and boarding pass (to see client’s arrival and container’s arrival must not exceed than 90 days 
Unable to provide the above or you are on a retirement visa you can consider bringing your shipment in via our unaccompanied baggage service.

Customs Conditions

    • Customers must be in the country (Indonesia) for clearance to commence.
    • Household goods must have been in customer’s possession and use for at least one full year, and for the customer’s continued private use in Indonesia (not for resale)
    • Only one air and one sea shipment of household goods allowed duty-free
    • Air and Sea Shipment must arrive within three (3) months after the client’s date of arrival in Indonesia
    • No New packaging recommended

Popular Locations

We have a large freight network of professional movers available at your origin country to assist in packing and shipping to Bali

"From the time of packing in Bali to the carrier arriving in Noosa a smooth and worry free operation. Zero damage!! Can only say thank you to Russell and the team."
Tony Lee
Bali to Brisbane Australia