Shipping From Bali - New Products

Saw something you liked in Bali but already returned home? Purchasing online or Need to replace your stock and fill a container?

Bali has a fantastic range of unique and beautifully crafted Furniture, Statues, Doors, Pots, Handicrafts and much more!

Leave it to us - Jetfast has been shipping freight from Bali and Indonesia for over 10 years!

What sets us apart from other Bali forwarders is the personalized service we provide to all our clients. 

All our clients have the ability to contact us directly by email, phone, WhatsApp or messenger anytime, this means that you always know where your shipment is and are up to date with your shipment all the way from door to door which means you can concentrate on the more important things like running your business or even better….. MORE shopping!!


We ship Freight weekly to over 135+ countries worldwide!

As we are Australian owned and operated we specialize in shipping from Bali to Australia and New Zealand, however, we don’t stop there we also ship to over 135+ Countries Door to Door regularly in and out of Bali, Surabaya, and Jakarta.

Freight Services

Shipping your freight via Loose cargo LCL or FCL Containerized Door to Door Worldwide
Shipping your small or urgent cargo via air Door to Door Worldwide

Delivery to Door

Delivery in Bali and throughout Australia, New Zealand and worldwide means we can ship your freight to the door anywhere! We service delivery solutions for both commercial locations and home business’s delivery’s including some rural locations.


  • One Point of Contact.
  • Assistance with Bali Supplier Deposits and payments (if required)
  • Supplier Collections throughout Bali and Indonesia.
  • Packing and Crating.
  • Airfreight and Seafreight schedules.
  • Export and Import Documents.
  • Export and Import Custom Formalities.
  • Paying out port charges and terminal handling.
  • Staff are trained in Quarantine Awareness.
  • Delivery to Consignee’s Door to Selected locations Worldwide.

The true door to door service!


Quarantine directions issued in Australia or New Zealand can be expensive! and cause delays in clearance, The most important thing when shipping especially into Australia is making sure the shipment is Fumigated, clean and free of any biological risks such as dirt, soil, mud, certain plant materials requiring special “Eto” or “gamma” treatment, insects or other restricted material without the correct certificates eg: skins and skulls.

Our team is trained in Quarantine awareness and identification measures and can offer advice prior to shipping and help reduce quarantine intervention.

When possible ALWAYS Ship Door to Door - NOT Door to Port!.

DON’T Get caught out with “PORT ONLY” quotations! whist they seem cheap at first, the bulk of your relocation cost is incurred at the destination,  These “PORT ONLY” quotes exclude Destination Port charges, destination handling, customs clearance fees, and Mandatory inspection charges (if required). you cannot simply collect from “the port” The destination agent bills these to you on arrival and are usually way overinflated! 

JETFAST quotes include ALL known Charges from Door to Door or Door to Depot with NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

Next Steps…


Contact us today to discuss any requirement into our out of Indonesia Worldwide.

Our Professional well-trained team can assist with any requirement with high-class service.