Jetfast Bali Cargo are the experts when it comes to shipping your personal effects worldwide from Bali or into Bali.

Jetfast Bali Cargo can assist with relocating your personal belongings to over 135 countries worldwide, specializing in Bali, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Singapore by Air or Sea!

As we specialize in this type of shipping, we understand the import and document requirements exporting and importing personal effects into and out of Bali on a Weekly basis.

Bali also offers a mix of lifestyles for expats with varying costs of living. Depending on the area you choose to live in, you can find touristy areas with a partying backpacker vibe or more serene and peaceful neighborhoods.

Personal Effects include your household and personal items that you are exporting or importing to or from Bali but that arrive separately to you. Typically, Personal effects include clothing and footwear, personal hygiene and grooming items, furniture, appliances, sporting equipment and books..

The following items are not Personal effects but can be shipped nonetheless,

  • motor vehicles
  • motor vehicle parts
  • commercial goods
  • bequeathed goods
  • items that have been purchased over the internet.

In most cases, your, personal effects can be cleared at the destination without requiring you to pay customs duty, goods, and services tax (GST) or other taxes and charges.

Ship with an agent who Understands the requirements!

Quarantine directions issued in Australia or New Zealand can be expensive and cause delays in clearance, the most important thing when shipping personal effects especially into Australia is making sure the shipment is clean and free of Biological risks such as dirt, soil, some plant material, insects and restricted material is not included or has the correct certificates eg: skins and skulls –  for a successful import. Our Bali team is well trained in Quarantine identification measures and can offer advice prior to shipping and help reduce quarantine intervention.


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